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FKL Spinning Ltd.

FKL Spinning Ltd. is a comprehensive manufacturing and exporting company of Bangladesh. It comprises the ultra-modern plants related to garment industry, such as independent knitting, dyeing, sewing, finishing and packaging with sufficiently supportive backward linkage facilities. FKL Spinning Ltd. not only believe in supporting living wages and safe & healthy conditions for workers but also adheres to social criteria and environmental principles adding equitable and sustainable system of production and trade that benefits people and their communities by strategic plans to utilize fair trade funds to achieve Empowering women, Education for Next Generation, Emergency Assistance etc. Our quality has remained the main feature for our success. Our top-notch quality of products with competitive prices makes our offerings irresistible.

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Area of Premises

2140000 Sft.


Production Capacity

Ring Yarn = 12 ~ 13 ton / Day
Vortex yarn = 6 ton/ day.


630 Employees


Product Type & Capacity

Yarn 100% Cotton carded and combed, Melange, Polyester and any ratio of Blended yarn of cotton/ Polyester/ Viscose/Modal in Ring and Vortex line.

Ring Yarn = 12 ~ 13 Ton/Day & Vortex yarn = 6 Ton/day.

Well Equiped Laboratory

Uster HVI-1000, AFIS PRO-2, Uster yarn tester UT-6, Autosorter-6, Tensolab & Twist Tester , Switzerland USA & Italy.

Meet Our Management

FKL Spinning Ltd. Chairman

Mrs. Sultana Zaman


FKL Spinning Ltd. Chairman

F.A. Zaman (CIP)

Managing Director

FKL Spinning Ltd. Chairman

F.M. Zaman Neaz

Deputy Managing Director

FKL Spinning Ltd. Chairman

F.M. Zaman Fabi